Don't Ignore Balcony Issues

It's time for a stucco balcony repair in Houston, TX

A damaged balcony is a safety hazard. Unfortunately, damage is common. That's because your balcony is exposed to sunlight, wind and rain. When problems arise, that's where 911 Houston Painters, LLC comes in. We perform balcony stucco repairs in Houston, TX.

Get high-quality results on your budget and schedule. Find out more about stucco balcony care now by calling 832-480-8020.

You aren't stuck with damaged stucco

How can you tell if you need a stucco balcony repair? There are several signs. You should call our stucco contractor if:

  • Your balcony doesn't have drainage accessories
  • Your balcony doesn't have edge or dam flashing
  • You notice leaks and dripping from below
  • Your balcony appears to be sinking
  • You see rotted parts of stucco on your balcony
Not sure if there's an issue? Meet with a professional stucco contractor in Houston, TX today. You'll get a free estimate before we begin.