Durable Siding makes All the Difference

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If you like the look of stucco but you're worried about cracks, exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) siding could be the best option for you. These non-load bearing cladding systems are a great option because of their increased insulation and flexibility.

911 Houston Painters, LLC can complete your installation according to industry best practices. The installation process for EIFS systems is complicated, so it's important to work with an expert.

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5 benefits of EIFS siding

EIFS systems have numerous benefits. You might prefer this material because it's:

  1. Durable
  2. Lighter than stucco
  3. Energy-efficient
  4. Water-resistant
  5. Flexible
EIFS siding also looks great on homes. When you need new siding, you can count on us for a free consultation. We'll help you select the best siding option for your needs. Call us today at 832-951-3646 to learn more about our services.